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"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction...

We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men (and women) were free."... and

"If we lose freedom here, there is NO place to escape to. This is the last stand ON EARTH."
- Ronald Reagan


'The First Step in Protecting and Defending Your Freedom is to Educate Yourself!'

'The Second Step is to TAKE ACTION!!'...

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There is no greater issue facing our Republic today then Federal Tyranny. If we work together we can save our individual liberties and sovereignty, the sovereignty for each State and the Republic (all the States collectively), and most importantly save our Constitution!

Under the Constitution the states are sovereign entities, and as such they have ceded way too much of their power over to the Federal Government over the years. The fact is that the states can re-assert their power and sovereignty through a simple process accorded for by the Constitution called 'Republic Review' which is essentially an 'audit' of the Federal Government to it's compliance to the originally agreed to contract with the states.

The States must take back the roles, responsibilities, and powers that were reserved to them and were not expressly delegated to the general government. The process to do this is simple. It only takes one State to initiate an audit and then call upon their fellow States to join in a convention to audit the Constitution as a convention which we refer to as Republic Review. The objective here is to force the Federal Government to adhere to the original contract—the Constitution—and the law—through the state legislatures to reign in the uncontrolled growth and suffocating, growing power being continually usurped from the states by an out-of-control Federal Government.

NOTE: that the reference to a ‘convention’ here is one that is specifically tasked with the states auditing the Federal Government’s adherence to our Constitution and to our Constitutional Republic as it is accorded for in our Constitution. You could even refer to this as a ‘Constitutional Reset’ This is quite unlike the so called ‘Great Global Reset’ that the international ‘Globalist Corporate Commu-Fascist Criminal Cabal’ and their Treasonous Deep-State Allies have been planning and are currently executing in this takeover against America and the entire World. The ‘Convention of States’ that many are calling for is actually not the panacea that those who promote it are hoping for it to be. Simply tacking on new amendments to the Constitution will make no difference if our government officials have been ignoring and not been adhering to the Constitution as it is already written. So, what would make anyone think that they would adhere to even 100 new amendments if enacted?...

"The Great Constitutional Reset!"...

The Irrefutable Argument for Republic Review

  1. In accordance with Article Seven of the Constitution, the Constitution is a compact/contract written “for” and “by” the States
    • The legal definition of “ratification” is: “the action of signing or giving formal consent to a treaty, compact/contract, or agreement, making it officially valid”
    • For the compact/contract to be given force it required a threshold of “Shareholder” buy in (“State” buy in)
  2. In accordance with Article Seven and Article Five the States are THE principal Shareholders of this compact/contract and ONLY the States possess SOVEREIGNTY over the compact/contract; thus:
    • Only the States could ratify the Constitution
    • Only the States possess the authority to ratify amendments
    • Conversely, the Constitution does not grant the authority to the Supreme Court, the President, or Congress to ratify the Constitution or an Amendment to the Constitution; therefore they are not PRINCIPAL Parties to this compact/contract
  3. In accordance with the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, the States are the SOVEREIGNS possessing Supremacy over all things not delegated to the general (i.e. Federal) government within the Compact/contract
    • The general government possesses supremacy over those objects delegated by the States within the Compact/contract, ratified amendments to the Constitution and constitutionally ratified Treaties and only those objects (See Article Six Section Two)
    • Accordingly, the States delegated specific, defined and limited ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIES, AND POWERS (RRPs) within the compact/contract (i.e. Constitution) to the general government and the general government was constrained per the compact/contract from doing anything that was not specifically delegated to it within the compact/contract (See Article Six Section Two, and the Ninth and Tenth Amendment)
  4. The only way the general government can Constitutionally obtain a new RRP is by requesting that the States delegate the desired RRP to them (the general government) via an Amendment to the Constitution in accordance with the Constitutional amendment process... [Read More]

Reclaiming the Republic - Republic Review (Simplified)

Understanding ‘Republic Review’ is very important as we know the very high risk of calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention of the States could, and likely would result in the dissemination of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Simply put, Republic Review uses Constitutional precedent for State Legislatures to review existing laws and determine if they are in fact NOT Constitutional, and if not, the State can simply de-ratify them.

Of course, there is much more to the process than just that, but the point is this: IF Americans cannot call on and rely on their elected State representatives to do what is right (without any risk), how could we ever rely on those people to be dealing with the multinational and globalist influence that would be party to an Article V Convention of the States?

This is why great thinkers and writers like Tom DeWeese (10th Amendment Center), Trevor Loudon (The Enemies Within), and many others have endorsed this process. It’s time America – take charge of our elected!

Republic Review in 1 Minute

Intro to the Constitution and Republic Review

Republic Review

What is Republic Review?

GR Mobley: A Must Listen! Classic GR Mobley at his Best!

'White Papers' by G.R. Mobley (Download in Pdf):

[ What is the Real Problem? ] ------ [ Martial Law in the Twenty-first Century ]

[ The Unknown Teeth In The Constitution ] ------ [ Nullification or Interposition ]

For More Information:

Reclaiming The Republic

An Irrefutable Argument to Restoring the Republic...

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